About Mugnsoft

Mugnsoft’s vision is a world with a better digital user experience for all

User experience

User experience at the heart of your strategy

In a world that is digitizing at an exponential rate*, better performance of applications is becoming a major concern, and user experience is a key metric of customer satisfaction and by extension, their loyalty to the company or to the Brand.
To meet this challenge, we provide companies with the required tools to secure their user experience.

The year 2020 marks a 5-year lead in terms of digital transformation

our mission

To achieve our mission we provide

On-premise integration

We bring along our expertise to set up and deploy our solution on-premise overcoming any challenge you might face.


Whether helping you with building scenarii or configure specific setting, our engineers are here to help and find solutions.

Technical support

We keep you updated with new releases and our best support team will help you solve any issue you might stumble upon.