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Mugnsoft, a scalable Monitoring web application performance solution

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Your Business application can break or slow down every now and then without you knowing it

Mugnsoft lets you know when and where it does by continuously monitoring web application performance and reliable alerts to ensure fast problem resolution without installing anything on your servers.

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Internet users give up when page load time takes more than 3 seconds.
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Shoppers who experience bad performance won't buy again from the same site.
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Internet users communicates to his friends the negative experience.
Monitoring web application performance

Mugnsoft agentless monitoring helps…

Monitoring your user journey

Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock, fast and secure. This applies equally to your user journey, your URLs and the performance of your APIs. Mugnsoft tracks slow first/third-party page elements, alerts you instantly if your web pages are being hacked, and ensures that your HTTPS certificate is neither expired nor corrupted.

Monitoring web application performance

API processing time, TCP connection time, DNS lookup and database query performance are all accessible on a single web page, simplifying the performance monitoring process. So you can better understand their impact on the performance and availability of your applications.

Loadtesting your web application

Stay in control even during peak traffic periods on your website. Traffic surges can put a strain on a smooth and trouble-free navigation. Our load testing tool allows you to identify anomalies induced by the volume of users at each stage and therefore you will know in advance which transactions to optimise.


functionalities that simply ease your daily work. Having a complete monitoring of your web site has never been that easy.

Real Time Status

See in realtime the performance of your web site


Need to monitor more. Scale horizontally effortless


Build your scenario without writing a line of code with Mugnsoft IDE


Interact any homemade or third party tool with Mugnsoft components


No need to install or administrate a database

Advanced Alerting

Avoid fake alerts by setting timeout, number of retries and retry interval


Quick startup. No need to install anything on your servers


Monitor trend and important metrics with Out-Of-The-Box dashboards


Schedule reports that show the latest performances of your web site


Manage and grant specific access to your monitors, report, etc.. using tags


See exactly which step of the scenario failed


Don’t monitor a given scenario when an outage is planed in advanced

Monitor your business all day long from a user’s perspective

Mugnsoft is all about making Business Monitoring a breeze. That’s all!
It helps monitor all the critical points of your Business throughout a Business View cartography so that you know exactly the health of your Business.

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report overview
overall overview

Integrated with your favorite Devops, CI/CD and monitoring tools

Mugnsoft eases the integration with third parties tools with a one step configuration. Mugnsoft’s data can as well be collected through a CSV or JSON file.
In addition, our Docker images are ready to be deployed to your Kubernetes infra.

… And get notified in your favorite tools

Receive alerts via email, or integrate Mugnsoft easily and seamlessly with different tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty.

Why I started Mugnsoft?

Mugnsoft’s mission is to provide all businesses with a simple, user-friendly and affordable tool to ensure the availability and performance of their websites

I’ve been working in the monitoring industry for more than 15 years and successfully implemented monitoring infrastructures using complex and expensive softwares. And now with the experiences I’ve gained I believe in challenging the statu quo, I believe in doing things differently, by building a monitoring software driven by simplicity, user-friendlier and affordable.

It is written in Go, which means that it is a compiled and standalone binary that can be executed on any system with no need for external dependencies, no npm, pip, gem, or other package management tools required.

At Mugnsoft, we want to play a key role in your Business Monitoring, thus we deliver a turnkey solution customized for your organization challenges. So we’ve got your back from the first step to the last one! We’ve worked on different monitoring systems and implemented them in various companies with success. Our customer satisfaction is our Key Performance Indicator. We measure it and take it seriously.

Viseth CHAING, CEO & Founder