Mugnsoft' Synthetic Monitoring

Our synthetic monitoring ensures that every aspect of your customer’s journey, user experience, and critical processes operate smoothly, around the clock, to minimize any interruptions to your business.

No scripting is required with Mugnsoft IDE. Record, deploy on probes and that’s all!

With the Saas Offer you don’t even have to install anything to start monitoring your business transaction. Yet if you need to have it on-premise installation takes no more than 5 minutes and only few seconds for Docker

What is a business transaction or user scenario?

The business transaction or user scenario is at the heart of the synthetic monitoring. Usually a business transaction involves strategic paths and objectives (order tunnel, connection to a personal space, etc.). In other words, it is the actual journey of your customers.

With Mugnosft synthetic monitoring, you will understand more about your application performance and how to fix it.

transaction details

Find and fix issues affecting your customers

Mugnsoft helps you track any performance issue in your website’s core functions, such as logins, signups, shopping carts and payment web page. So you know exactly what goes on when stuff breaks.


Improve your website’s performance

Every time Mugnsoft performs a check, detailed performance data are captured.
This gives you a ton of context about how your page is doing performance-wise.
Slowdows are pinpointed thanks to waterfall reports, so you and your team can act quickly. You see exactly when an element didn’t load successfully or timed out, and how the load time of that element is made up.

You can even dig a little deeper, by inspecting HTTP headers on an element-by-element basis.
Is your Internet or CDN provider responsible? Now you know.

Synthetic Monitoring objectives

Mugnsoft' Synthetic Monitoring objectives

Maximize your uptime

Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock. Mugnsoft helps you deliver on that expectation, alerting your team instantly.

Improve your performance

Your users expect your website to be fast and consistent. Mugnsoft provide tools to track slow first/third-party page elements.

Maintain critical transactions

Don’t lose revenue. Mugnsoft helps you monitor your website’s multi-step business transactions for uptime and performance.

our mission

To achieve our mission we provide

On-premise integration

We bring along our expertise to set up and deploy our solution on-premise overcoming any challenge you might face.


Whether helping you with building scenarii or configure specific setting, our engineers are here to help and find solutions.

Technical support

We keep you updated with new releases and our best support team will help you solve any issue you might stumble upon.