About Mugnsoft's Loadtesting

Don’t crash under peak traffic! Load test your web application with thousands of bots to optimize performance, control costs, and prevent downtime.

Wait a minute… what’s loadtesting your website?

Basically we simulate virtual users navigating on your website and increase that number to see where it does break.
So you know how to tune your website and systems to be ready for traffic spikes and floods and make unbreakable APIs, bulletproof web app, indestructible static websites.

Load test at the protocol layer, or automate real headless browsers

A protocol loadtesting with its multithreaded HTTP clients execute scripted HTTP/S requests against your website.

Load testing via browsers are the most realistic load testing possible. Controlling thousands of real browsers is the easiest way to stress test dynamic web applications and rich interactive websites.

performance testing cycle

Accelerate the performance testing cycle

Reuse or rapidly create your test scripts

Record load test scripts right in your browser, with the Mugnsoft IDE extension for Chrome or Firefox. Just step through your site like a real user would while Mugnsoft IDE records every step into a script. After recording, play your script back in real time. Or simplier reuse an existing scenario!

Launch tests in seconds

Easily select the number of virtual users, the duration and the loadtesting server. So you are just 3-clicks away from your first loadtest!

Analyze results with quick reporting

While a load test runs, Mugnsoft loadtesting gives you realtime metrics on response times (max, min, average and standard deviation) and errors. After it finishes, the same data is instantly available in a test report you can hold on to or share with your team. The metrics and report data inform you how your site handled the traffic, what kind of performance your real users can expect when the site’s under a similar amount of load, and where the hot spots and bottlenecks might be.

our mission

To achieve our mission we provide

On-premise integration

We bring along our expertise to set up and deploy our solution on-premise overcoming any challenge you might face.


Whether helping you with building scenarii or configure specific setting, our engineers are here to help and find solutions.

Technical support

We keep you updated with new releases and our best support team will help you solve any issue you might stumble upon.