Mugnsoft's web application performance monitoring

Our web application performance monitoring ensures that the various components and resources supporting your application operate smoothly around the clock, helping your team identify and address performance-related issues before your users do.

To reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), simplify the deployment of your monitoring, and minimize the impact on system resources, Mugnsoft’s web application performance monitoring does not require the installation of dedicated monitoring software (agents) on each target device or server.

Since our technology is agentless-based, you are not bound to us, which means you can deploy and undeploy our solution quickly and easily.

With the Saas Offer you don’t even have to install anything to start monitoring your Application Performance. Yet if you need to have it on-premise installation takes no more than 5 minutes and only few seconds for Docker.

What ressources can you monitor?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is like a health check-up for software applications. Here are some of the items you can monitor related to you infrastructure:

  • Server Performance: Mugnsoft monitors the performance of servers and their associated resources, such as CPU, memory and disk I/O. By tracking these metrics, you can identify if any server-related issues are impacting application performance. For example, high CPU usage or memory leaks on a server can lead to application slowdowns or crashes.
  • Database Performance: Databases are critical components of many applications. Mugnsoft can monitor database response times, query performance, and resource utilization to ensure that database operations are not a bottleneck for your application.
  • Network Performance: Mugnsoft can track network latency, packet loss, connection time. Issues with network connectivity or performance can have a direct impact on how well your application functions, especially for web-based or distributed applications.
  • Third-Party Services: Many applications rely on third-party services, APIs, or external integrations. Mugnsoft can monitor the performance of these external dependencies to identify any slowdowns or outages that might affect your application.


Quickly identify performance bottlenecks

Mugnsoft simplifies the process of monitoring the performance of your web application. It comprehensively assesses critical aspects of your application’s smooth operation, such as its data access speed, communication with other services, and network connectivity speed.

With Mugnsoft, you gain access to a visual representation of how the components comprising your application are interconnected and the influence of each component on the others. This graphical view is automatically updated whenever new components related to the application are added to the monitoring system.

Through the use of business propagation rules, users can gain a deeper understanding of how each monitored element impacts the application’s performance and availability.

Identifying performance bottlenecks becomes straightforward, enabling you and your team to take prompt action.

Application Performance Monitoring objectives

Mugnsoft's Application Performance Monitoring objectives

Maximize your uptime

Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock. Mugnsoft helps you deliver on that expectation, alerting your team instantly.

Improve your performance

Your users expect your website to be fast and consistent. Mugnsoft provide tools to track slow first/third-party page elements.

Maintain critical transactions

Don’t lose revenue. Mugnsoft helps you monitor your website’s multi-step business transactions for uptime and performance.

our mission

To achieve our mission we provide

On-premise integration

We bring along our expertise to set up and deploy our solution on-premise overcoming any challenge you might face.


Whether helping you with building scenarii or configure specific setting, our engineers are here to help and find solutions.

Technical support

We keep you updated with new releases and our best support team will help you solve any issue you might stumble upon.